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Time Manager

Time Manager

Time Manager is a comprehensive labor cost and tracking solution that is directly integrated into WaiterPOS. This simple-to-use solution features the ability to accurately track wage costs and overtime expenses for tipped and non-tipped employees as well as management. The software is confi gurable for any quantity of job types, pay rates and overtime rules. It also tracks absenteeism and delivers extensive management reporting.

Simple to Use

With direct integration into the POS software, tipped and non-tipped employees can clock in and out at any terminal. Eliminating the need for time clocks or manual cards, Time Manager accurately provides to the minute or rounded time card details specific to the job or activity that each employee is fulfilling during a shift. Time Manager simplifies the time and attendance functions within the restaurant by:

• Centralising all time and attendance information to the back-of-house management console.
• Accurately tracking each employee and the job or activities that they perform throughout each shift and across each pay period.
• Allowing an unlimited number of job activities for each employee.
• Providing detailed payroll calculations for each employee based on hourly and overtime rates.

Flexible Configuration

Time Manager offers multiple ways to configure employees in WaiterPOS while also being a central repository of all important information for each employee. The software stores birthdate, hiring date, start and end date for each job function, contact information, Social Security number, and more. Also, Time Manager can:

• Create restaurant departments or groups for location specific reports (i.e. front-of-house versus back-of-house)
• Allow management to configure each employee relative to their job type as well as providing pay and overtime rates and override features specific to each employee.
• Grant and revoke access to an employee’s job type in one simple step.
• Define user permissions and access, based on job type, for POS functions.
• Quickly terminate an employee completely or for a specific activity with the press of just one button.

Comprehensive Reporting

Reporting within Time Manager can be performed relative to an individual employee or across a department or location within the restaurant. Through a series of preconfigured or customised reports, the restaurant can analyse the performance of the specific employee or business. Reporting includes:

• Labor reports that provide a detailed break down of regular and overtime hours and all job types for each employee.
• Departmental summary or detailed reports for each job type. • Summary and detailed reports by customised payroll periods. • Sales relative to labor costs for the entire restaurant or individual employee.